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Tony's Chocolonely - Melk Karamel Biscuit

$13.99 CAD

Tony's Chocolaonely - 32% Milk Chocolate with Carmel and Biscuit.

Crazy about caramel? Love crunch? This is your bar. Made with creamy, dreamy milk chocolate, crunchy biscuit and caramel. The bar that makes you say "ehh wait, is it gone already?"

Once upon a time (way back in 2001) there was a Harkin-Engel Protocol signed by the chocolate industry that promised to end illegal child labour and modern slavery. But the bitter truth is that these problems still exist.

In 2021 we launched the Sweet Solution campaign to inspire the largest chocolate companies in the world with 4 bars that, with the wrapper and taste, are a nod to their own bars - but different. Created with Tony's 5 collaborative principles to make 100% slave-free the norm. Choco fans were enthusiastic, but Big Choco did nothing. So, now they're back for good. But as classics with our own wrapper..

..or not? We keep the Sweet Solution wrappers on the inside. Until Big Choco copies us and starts using the cooperation principles!

Suitable for vegetarians.