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Buisman Classic Aroma - 175g

$10.09 CAD

The flavours of our caramelised sugars are complementary to coffee. They can be used to enrich the flavour profile, boost the flavour intensity, mask off-flavours and improve the quality of the aftertaste. In coffee mixes, they can also reduce costs by partially replacing coffee solids.

Caramelised sugars can be added to brown and multigrain breads to enhance sensory properties. They can naturally enrich the taste and give a beautiful colour to the crust and crumb. By switching from malt flour to caramelised sugars, a saving of 20 to 50 per cent can be achieved.

Caramelised sugars are an excellent tool to enhance the flavour and colour of delicate bakery products. In spiced cookies, such as caramelised biscuits (speculoos) or gingerbread, they create a deep spice flavour and give a high-quality aftertaste. In chocolate chip cookies, cakes and muffins they enhance the taste and improve the appearance.