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Cafe Amsterdam Stroopwafels

$5.19 CAD

Cafe Amsterdam Syrup Wafers.

Stroopwafels have been in the baking for over 200 years, and are the most popular koekie in the Netherlands. This tasty Dutch treat is traditionally baked as a circular wafel (“waffle”) pressed flat on a pizzelle iron to imprint a distinct checked pattern. Sandwiched between the top and bottom cinnamon baked wafel layers is a tasty sweet caramel filling. Stroop means “syrup” in Dutch. The traditional way to eat a stroopwafel is to place it on top of a hot beverage, so the rising steam warms the stroopwafel, and slightly softens the inside, making the stroopwafel crispy on one side, and soft/chewy in the centre… oh, zo goed!