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De Ruijter Bosvruchten Hagel - 300g

$6.09 CAD

De Ruijter believes that every day should be a fruity day! De Ruijter forest fruit sprinkles offer a good variation with chocolate sprinkles. You can use the De Ruijter forest fruit sprinkles as a unique and sweet topping, delicious on a sandwich, rusk, in oatmeal, breakfast cereal or yoghurt. You can even decorate dishes with it, such as cupcakes, cakes or pastries. With De Ruijter forest fruit sprinkles you can turn every meal into a sweet and colorful feast! Delicious for any time! De Ruijter. Since forever. - a delicious fruit sprinkles from De Ruijter to alternate with the chocolate sprinkles. - the fruitiest, delicious for a sandwich or a biscuit but also nice to decorate the dish such as cupcakes, cakes and yogurt. Delicious for every moment. - delicious for every moment! De Ruijter. Since forever.