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De Ruijter Mini Hagels

$7.69 CAD

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Everyone knows De Ruijter sprinkles . But did you know that there are eight different types? And then we are only talking about chocolate sprinkles . De Ruijter has a box with eight mini packs in its program. It contains all kinds of chocolate sprinkles . Hagelslag has a high cocoa content and is much healthier than most sweet spreads. Especially chocolate spreads often have much more calories than chocolate sprinkles. The name "hagelslag" was coined years ago to highlight the great advantage of this sandwich filling: you sprinkle De RuijterSprinkles on your bread and you don't have to smear it. No mess with chocolate spread that sticks to your knife, your fingers and your plate. You only have to put a little butter or margarine on your sandwich and the sprinkles will stick by themselves. De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles are a traditional Dutch product that is now known all over the world and is finding more and more enthusiasts.

    8 mini boxes in a box.


    • 2 Milk Sprinkles (Melk Hagel)
    • 2 Dark Sprinkles (Puur Hagel)
    • 2 Fruit Hail (Vruchten Hagel)
    • 1 Milk Flakes (Vlokken)
    • 1 Dark Flakes (Vlokken)