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Koopmans mix voor Appeltaart

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Koopmans Mix for Apple Tart

Koopmans Apple Pie is a true classic. Do you want to surprise family and friends with a delicious apple pie from your own oven? Then make sure you have this baking mix at home. With the Koopmans Apple Pie Mix you can bake a classic apple pie in no time. Follow the recipe on the package and fill the kitchen with the smell of the one and only Dutch apple pie. Special moments but also drizzly weekend days can be made a little more fun with a delicious apple pie. Serve the cake with a dollop of whipped cream and a cup of coffee or make it a tasty dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Perfect for visits and birthdays or just because you can. Make an ordinary day extra special with a slice of classic Koopmans Apple Pie.