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Koopmans Pannenkoeken Glutenvrij - 400g

$9.49 CAD

Koopmans Gluten Free Pancakes are the perfect solution for anyone who eats gluten free. With a pack of Koopmans pancake mix you can bake about 12 pancakes and enjoy a delicious treat with the whole family. Add your own milk and eggs and bake a large stack of pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With a pack of Koopmans Pancakes you can vary endlessly: bake savory pancakes with bacon or cheese or opt for a sweet variant with apple slices. In addition, this pancake is of course also very tasty with traditional toppings such as icing sugar and syrup. This pancake mix meets all requirements of the AOECS standard and is therefore suitable for people with celiac disease.