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Lotus Speculoos Pasta - 400g

$10.39 CAD

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With its unique and surprising taste, Lotus Biscoff - The Original Speculoos pasta brings variety to the table.

You can transform all types of bread, toasts and croissants into a true delicacy.

In Belgium we have been eating Lotus Biscoff - The Original Speculoos with sandwiches for a long time. The biscuits were used as a spread, sometimes crumbled and sometimes soaked in coffee first. Tasty, but not really practical. Until an enterprising mom got a good idea. Why not make it into a spread? She came up with her own recipe and submitted it for a TV competition, De Denkers. Sure enough, she was chosen as one of the finalists! Afterwards she worked closely with the Lotus team to fine-tune the recipe. This became the recipe for the wildly popular, unique Lotus Biscoff - The Original Speculoos pasta we know today.