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Oldtimers Drop - Harlinger Scheepknopen

$7.69 CAD

Sweet and Firm

Free from gluten and gelatin.

It was 1936 that old Van Slooten, bent over the bills, called my father to him. "Say Douwenga, can you make button licorice for me?". My heather immediately booked a one-way ticket to Harlingen and was apprenticed to an old sailor. After four days of weak coffee and Beerenburg, he knew all the ship's knots and sailor's curses.

He chose three: De Halve Knoop, De Vlaamse Acht and De Multiple Overhandsknop. “Yes, you can also call that knots” said the old Van Slooten surprised when he saw the result. “I just meant buttons on the pants. But they taste fantastic.” Whether it's the taste or the shape, the Ship's knots have been unsurpassed for years.