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Oldtimers Drop - Hinderloper Ruitjesdrop

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Sweet and Mild salty

Free from gluten and gelatin.

August 1972. Everyone was looking forward to the annual village festival in Jirnsum. Three days of festivities such as bouncing, bingo and the renowned baking competition. My neighbor Ytse provided a sign that was placed on the party site. He could paint, but spelling was not his forte.

Everyone had a good laugh when it said PROUD OF OUR DROP in large graceful letters instead of PROUD OF OUR VILLAGE. This is how the organization came up with the fun idea this year to choose the tastiest Oldtimers licorice from our local licorice factory! After three days of testing and voting, I was allowed to announce the result. And guess what; there were no fewer than four winners. All equally popular. That's why they are now available together; Jochum's Favorites. That way no one has to choose anymore