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Venco Dubbelzout Rondjes

$22.99 CAD

Hard - Salty

Venco Double Salted Licorice Rounds.

This salty round liquorice from Venco is really the ultimate classic double salty liquorice. Not too soft but really firm in structure, with a good bite. This is due to the gelatin, which unfortunately does not make these licorice vegan. But that should not spoil the fun! This really is one hell of a classic, the salty round is a liquorice that many people love. If you are looking for really salty liquorice that is also firm, then this is the one for you. And if you haven't finished playing yet, it's best to take a look at the other double salty licorice . Really super tasty and it will keep you eating. Ideal if you really like the classic licorice taste. With this licorice you get what you ask for - simple, honest and to the point. Just really good salty licorice.

1 Kg