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Between Silk & Wool

$21.95 CAD

Set against the great tapestry of the Second World War, The Occupied Garden is the haunting and inspiring story od a young family's struggle to survive the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.  Gerrit is a market gardener, and he and his wife Cor do their best to navigate the war years, a harrowing period of intimidation, disappearances, starvation and bombings. Following the country's liberation, the family immigrates to Canada, rarely speaking of the tumultous years that change their lives forever.

Lomg after Cor and Gerrit's death, their grandchildren grew curious about those experiences. Using letters, photographs, documents and interviews, they began to explore that fascinating and horrible time. The result is this book - a meticulouly stitched tale, and an intimate re-telling of an ordinary family's courage and resilience.

Paperback.  324 pages.