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Koopmans Cakemeel - 450g

$3.99 CAD

With Koopmans Cake Flour you can bake two nice and airy cakes. Add eggs, butter, milk and sugar to the Cake Flour. Koopmans Cake Flour is also ideal if you want to bake a filled cake, the special composition ensures that extra additives do not sink to the bottom.

Baking with Koopmans Cake Flour is baking with the best basis. Since 1846 Koopmans in the Netherlands has stood for quality, authenticity and craftsmanship. The products are composed with love from carefully selected ingredients. This is how Koopmans brings her passion for baking to your home.

Make delicious cake recipes such as chocolate cake, nut cake, lemon cake, various cakes, etc.