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Koopmans Poffertjes - 400g

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Koopmans Poffertjes is a handy poffertjes mix for old-fashioned poffertjes. Use this baking mix to make a tasty treat or enjoy a plate of hot poffertjes with icing sugar and butter with the whole family. Poffertjes are perfect for making festive fruit skewers and are also very tasty with a scoop of ice cream.

A pack of Koopmans Poffertjes is sufficient for about 150 poffertjes, about 10 servings. Add your own milk, eggs and oil and mix these ingredients with the poffertjes mix. Within half an hour you have a well-filled bowl of poffertjes on the table and you can enjoy a tasty treat with the whole family.

Requires Poffertjes Pan to make.