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Welcome to hollandstore.ca .. Een klein stukje Nederland in Toronto.


Venco Schoolkrijt

$6.39 CAD

Soft & Sweet.

Venco School Chalk is Dutch school chalk made from licorice.

Licorice school chalk from Venco is sweet licorice in the typical form of chalk. It is sweet licorice with a crispy, fresh shell with a soft core.

Venco School Chalk is very reminiscent of a piece of chalk and people are almost inclined to try to paint with it. The outer layer of the licorice tastes fresh and sweet like peppermint. Inside, the school chalk of licorice is also white, with a delicious aniseed flavour. A small black layer of licorice can be seen between the shell and the licorice core.

Anyone who likes a licorice mix will love Venco School Chalk.